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Imagine Laserworks – Acne

Description of Acne:

Acne refers to the inflammatory process involving the sebaceous glands of the skin—usually appearing on the face, chest and back. People of all ages can experience acne but it is most common in teenagers. Acne can present with comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and even cysts.


Acne develops when the pores of the skin are clogged with flaking cells and oil inside of a hair follicle, forming a plug, which leads to the growth of bacteria. As the plug enlarges, the hair follicle erupts leaving oil and debris in the pore, causing swelling and redness. Hormonal changes play a major role in acne.

In Chinese medicine, each organ has specific functions and is connected to a channel that runs from the skin’s surface internally to connect with the organ.  The organs involved with acne are because of both the function as well as the locations of their channels.

Lung – The lung is in charge of the skin.  So any skin disease can therefore be related to the lung.  We often see this in some skin diseases, such as eczema, which often occurs with lung problems.  The lung also regulates the opening and closing of the pores, which is one way that the heat that causes acne can escape from the body.

Stomach – The stomach naturally tends to be warm, which is how it helps in digestion of food.  However, this propensity for heat can easily gather extra heat, which can manifest as pimples along the stomach channel, which covers the chest and the face.   Dampness in the stomach also may be a factor, which leads to greasy oily skin.

Spleen – Finally, the spleen is also involved.  The spleen is in charge of digestion.  When digestion is working well and harmonized the body generates ample amount of energy and is able to get rid of dampness.  If the spleen is not working well, dampness can accumulate and lead to greasy skin and acne.

These disharmonies have many overlapping causes.  Stress, overwork, and congenital factors are some of the most common reasons.  Food choices are also a common cause.  Eating greasy, spicy, and heavy foods disrupt the function of the spleen in digestion that can lead to dampness, which can influence an acne flare-up.  Which is why eating greasy pizza, too much chocolate, and spicy Mexican food can be bad for acne.

Can be treated successfully with the latest laser light therapy from Imagine Laserworks.

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