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Weight Loss Testimonials

I found Imagine Laserworks treatment was a very effective way to help me lose weight easily.
Right away my appetite decreased and I still has energy to exercise and do my daily routine. I didn’t have cravings or want to eat between meals, especially at night, which was a problem I had before.


I lost over forty pounds! The Imagine Laserworks treatment was fast, effective and pain free.

What more could you ask for?”


Thanks to you Ralph I’ve lost 23 lbs so far in a month and a half. I feel great, lots of energy, I just plain feel good about myself.  Anyway’s I would recommend your treatment to anyone who asks me about it.

White Rock - Ken A.

I decided to have laser therapy done as I did not seem to be able to stick to a diet.
I have been having laser since Oct 7 and found it very successful.


It helps me with cravings and staying in control.

Thank you Imagine Laserworks for your help. I am feeling great and also positive.


I have found since my laser treatments for weight loss I crave less sugar and I have more energy.
I was exercising before laser but I find that I want to increase my exercise time and it’s intensity.


I feel a lot better now than one month ago.


Imagine Laserworks has changed my life. In all honesty, I was at an all time low before I made this commitment.  I was 50 pounds overweight, I had no energy and was completely depressed. In 4 months I lost 20 pounds, joined a gym and once again have the desire to take my kids to the park and out for walks.


Imagine Laserworks has also changed my way of eating. I no longer crave junk food and the thought of fast food repulses me.

I have gained back my self esteem and lust for life.

This whole experience has changed my relationship with my husband and kids in the most positive way, I couldn’t be more pleased.

J. G.

I have spent my life fighting weight. I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds.
The hardest and biggest shock to me was the age thing. The older you get, the more difficult weight loss becomes.


Weight is a huge issue in my life. You lose self esteem, energy, personality, social contact and well being.

I was really stuck, a lifetime member of weight watchers and a yo-yo dieter, I had all but given up. I could only work less than part time because of a back problem. Living on pain killers I became disinterested in my social life, abilities and even my gift of creativity and teaching others.

My daughter and daughter in law discovered Imagine Laserworks in White Rock.

I was absolutely shocked, amazed and pleased to see my girl come to life and bounding with energy, not to mention how styling they were after a month of weight loss laser therapy.

It was convincing enough for me to drive from Penticton to White Rock for each session.
I must admit that I wasn’t expecting miracles.

Immediately I found myself craving only healthy foods, sleeping better and looking forward to each day.

I would say that my energy is four times what it was, my self esteem is back, my back problems are little compared to before and I have done so many things in one year that I’ve wanted to do for so long.  The biggest bonus is waking up each day with energy. Enough energy to get me through the work day and much more. I now work just about full time, walk with a bounce everywhere I go, teach college and wear a bathing suit proudly.

I’ve even been too busy to notice the big plus- no more plus sizes.

I’ve lost 50 big pounds without even realizing it! Everyday I wake up without having to waste energy on being overweight. What a relief! I now shop in the whole store instead of the full figure, plus size or maternity departments. I even use dressing rooms, a first at my age.  The support, encouragement and education on weight loss from Imagine Laserworks has totally changed my life. As well as that, the staff have become my friends.

I still drive from Penticton every four months for a session but not to lose weight. Instead I now go for a booster in energy and to tell whoever I can about my experience.

Do yourself a favor and call Imagine Laserworks.  It’ll change your life!”

Jan G.

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