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Affirmations for Non-Smokers

Affirmations to help you now that you are a non-smoker

Many people in the past have unconsciously been practicing such affirmations as:

  • I’m a confirmed Smoker

  • I have an addictive personality

  • Smoking relaxes me

  • I always have a cigarette in the morning

  • I am going to die of something

How about a new affirmation now that you are a non-smoker:

  • I am now and forever smoke-free

  • I enjoy breathing clean fresh air

  • I can breathe deeply and easily

  • My breathing is improving each and every day

  • I have released the desire to smoke cigarettes

  • I feel better when I take good care of my body

  • I have more enthusiasm for life as a non-smoker

  • I am happy that I have quit smoking

  • I am glad to give up cigarettes

  • My throat feels better

  • My breath smell better

  • My clothes and my hands smell fresh and clean all the time

  • My body is becoming healthier and healthier

  • I have clean, clear and healthy lungs

  • I choose to breathe fresh air into my lungs

  • I feel a sense of achievement in my life

  • I am in charge of my own life

  • I respect myself

  • I look and feel great

  • I do not smoke and I choose not to regardless of what is happening around me

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