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Imagine Laserworks Helps Relieve Laterality Disorder


Laterality disorder is a condition marked by difficulty in neural communication between the left and right sides of the brain and is most often found in left-handed or ambidextrous people. The two cerebral hemispheres are competing for control of the body rather than working together—causing interference of one side of the brain by the other side of the brain. Sometimes this condition is referred to as “switched,” “cross-wired” or “dominance dysfunction,” and it occurs in 10-20% of the population. Laterality symptoms most often appear by the age of seven. Individuals with laterality disorder may present with dyslexia, learning disabilities, problems with orientation in space, and immune system dysfunction. Elementary school students may exhibit habits such as poor concentration, stuttering, spelling mistakes, and ADD. Adolescents may present with frequent anxiety, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, and problems with coordination. It is common for patients with laterality disorder to be overly sensitive or have unusual reactions to medications.



Laterality disorder is usually caused by dysfunction of the corpus callosum. Confused or mixed dominance may result from intrauterine or birth stress, any accident or injury during development, and stress including physical, emotional, or psychological trauma. Testing for laterality disorder includes a series of tests to show whether a person is left- or right-hand dominant and includes tests such as handwriting, hand clap, hand grasp, arm fold, foot kick and eye gaze. Nogier states that laterality is “likely reversed during sleep and that variations may occur during stress or increased mental concentration, thus a relaxed and calm patient is important for optimal diagnosis and treatment.” Acupuncture treatment of laterality and oscillation points before a patient receives treatment may help the patient respond better.

Laterality Disorder can be treated with the latest technology from Imagine Laseworks

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